Cornelia resident charged with arson

Habersham CO. - John Edmonds, of Cornelia, has recently been charged with Arson in the 1st degree.

Edmonds is the resident of 167 Slaton Street in Cornelia, the address where the July 2nd house fire had taken place. The fire took place around 5:40 that morning and was determined to have been intentionally set according to the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office. 

According to a press release provided by the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office, the structure suffered very mild damage to the front steps of the home. 

WCHM reached out to Cornelia Chief of Police, Chad Smith, regarding Edmonds arrest. Smith confirmed that Edmonds had been arrested on the 4th at the ABC Foods in Clarkesville after an officer approached him due to active warrants. 

Edmonds was charged with aggravated assault and robbery and Smith stated that the arrest had nothing to do with the arson investigation at 167 Slaton Street.  Smith went on to say that the case was in the hands of Habersham County Sheriff Department and that the Cornelia Police Department had only made arrests based on the warrants. 

Updates from the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office states that Edmonds has also been charged with arson with the two additional charges.  

Currently, bond for Edmonds has been denied.