Cornelia officials to vote on municipal complex builder

CORNELIA - The City of Cornelia could be one step closer to the ground breaking of the proposed municipal complex.  City officials will vote tomorrow night on who will be awarded the bid to build the complex based on the architect’s recommendation.  The Jericho Design Group, an architecture firm out of Alpharetta, will make their recommendation at the City Commission meeting based on the criteria that they believe will best accomplish their goal.  There were 4 bids for the project, ranging from just over $8.9M to $10.7M.  It was noted in the City Manager’s Report that the criteria is not just cost based, but a point’s system that takes into account qualifications, experience with similar projects, cost, and whether or not the builder is local, of which only one builder is (Blake Rainwater & Reeves Young).

Other items on the agenda for the evening include voting on a proposed speed study that would help city officials determine if the current speed limits are still adequate or if any changes should be made, a vote for the purchase of a new pickup truck for the Public Works department, and for the purchase of a new pickup truck for the Fire Department.