Cornelia Attorney Announces Candidacy for State Senate

Habersham Co. - Thomas "Bo" Hatchett announced he will be running for the District 50 Georgia State Senate Seat.

“To my friends, my family, and my community: Since Senator John K. Wilkinson’s announcement to run for the vacant U.S. House seat in Washington, I have been approached by several members of the community and members of the local bar encouraging me to run for the vacant seat in Senate District 50,” Hatchett writes. “I'd like to thank Senator Wilkinson for zealously fighting for our north Georgia values as our loyal Senator.”

Hatchett went on to say “I'd also like to thank my boss and mentor, Dennis Cathey, for his belief in me and his wise guidance as I consider running. Finally, I'd like to thank my family for their unwavering support: my wife, Ashley, my daughters, my parents Tommy and Nora, and everyone else who has reached out to encourage me to run.”

“The community's faith in me to continue to represent our values plays an imperative part in my decision,” Hatchett says. “I ask that my family be in your prayers as we make this important decision.”

Hatchett is a Habersham native and earned his law degree from The University of Georgia School of Law and works for Cathey & Strain law office in Cornelia.

Photo provided by Hatchett's social