ATLANTA – PRESS RELEASE - In the first calendar quarter of 2020, the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office took administrative action against 24 licensees for grounds set forth in the Georgia Insurance Code (O.C.G.A. § 33-1-1 et seq.). These actions include two revocations, two suspensions, and the placement of 20 licensees on probationary status.

“When a consumer purchases an insurance policy, they are placing their trust – and in many cases their livelihood – in someone else,” said Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King. “For this reason, insurance agents and agencies in Georgia should be held to the highest ethical standards and deserve to be relieved of their authority if they violate this important trust. Our Department will continue to investigate instances of misconduct and take appropriate action when necessary.”

The actions taken by the Department are as follows:
Kaitland Washburn, Resident Agent License No. 3121779
License revoked effective March 3, 2020 as a result of Washburn impersonating clients during phone interviews with life insurance companies.
Kelsie Whitlock, Resident Agent License No. 2798690
License revoked effective January 27, 2020 as a result of Whitlock using a client’s banking information to pay her personal bills.

Barton Kinney Herndon, Resident Agent License No. 694278
License suspended effective January 2, 2020 as a result of his failure to respond to the Department’s request for documentation regarding regulatory action taken against him.
Kevin Lee Miles, Resident Agent License No. 784788
License suspended effective March 12, 2020 as a result of his failure to respond to the Department’s request for documentation regarding the existence of a pre-need funeral policy he sold.

Jonathan C. Becerra, Non-Resident Agent License No. 3247732
Eric Bunn, Resident Agent License No. 520094
Tiffany Driskell, Resident Agent License No. 3308328
Benjamin C. Hall, Non-Resident Adjuster License No. 3200485
Shiya DeAnna Hargrow, Resident Agent License No. 3310499
Elaine Marie Hood, Resident Agent License No. 3130531
Shelby Huddleston, Resident Agent License No. 3270855
William Lee Hudgens, Resident Agent License No. 724988
Lindsay M. Lippl, Non-Resident Agent License No. 3150022
Yhetta Lovelace, Resident Agent License No. 3303191
Jerry Eugene McClendon, Resident Agent License No. 3272237
Larry Antwain McElhaney, Resident Agent License No. 703327
Khanesia McHudson, Non-Resident Agent License No. 2923740
Darrin J. Mroz, Non-Resident Agent License No. 3071155
Jasmine Michelle Trammell, Resident Adjuster License No. 3258252
Gregory Marshall Turner, Temporary Agent License No. 3250550
Aubrey Edward Vaugh III, Resident Agent License No. 363936
Kelly Wasden Wake, Resident Agent License No. 3123944
Tamisha Wisdom, Resident Agent License No. 3298834
Talma Wuescher, Resident Agent License No. 3279528