Collins calls out Abrams

Representative Doug Collins has challenged Stacy Abrams and other local democrats to speak up about their stance on the increased term limits for abortion being passed and discussed in New York and Virginia.  “Stacey Abrams, and many in the Democratic Party on the left are the ones who are getting endorsed by [New York Governor Chris] Cuomo and the others,” Collins starts, “let me ask the question of our former governor [candidate] who got defeated, who is going to give the State of the Union response, where do you stand on this?  Where do Democrats stand on this and allowing this to become a national conversation?”

Virginia Governor Ralph Northman has recently come under fire for the following quote from a radio program in regards to recently introduced legislation, “If a mother is in labor…the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and mother.”  This bill has received criticism from many across the country as it would allow expecting mothers to terminate a pregnancy in the final seconds if she so chooses based on the child being born with special needs or even if the mother feels like it would endanger her own mental or physical health.

Collins, who has always maintained a pro-life stance, often shares his personal story about his daughter who was born with spina bifida.  “For a father of a child with special needs, who was born with spina bifida, and has to this day brought joy to everybody for 26 years, for them to talk about children with special needs as if they are throwaways, I want to vomit,” Collins replies when asked about Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s comments.  Following up on that from his official Facebook page Collins says, “How has our country come to a point where we’re discussing killing a child after delivery? When you’re talking about delivering baby girls and then killing them, you’ve lost even the pretense of protecting women’s rights.”

In New York, Chris Cuomo has supported a new law that allows abortions to be performed by non-doctors up until the point of birth for many reasons. Doubling down on his initial comment for Abrams to address this, he simply points out that it is currently guilt by association.  “I am calling out Ms. Abrams about this because she has actively sought the endorsements of folks like Cuomo, and people who have supported this bill.”

Abrams has resurfaced back into the public light recently as she is set to embark on her "Thank You" tour across Georgia, will appear this weekend in a Super Bowl ad that will push for election law changes, and she will also give the response to the upcoming State of the Union address following President Trump's address next week.  There has been speculation that Abrams will soon decide if she wants to run for the United States Senate and oppose incumbent David Perdue for one of the seats from Georgia.

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