Clarkesville to vote on "Brunch Bill" tonight

CLARKESVILLE - The Clarkesville City Council will meet tonight at 6:00 pm.  Two new items of business that will get voted on with both pertaining to the upcoming 2019 general election. Resolution 2019-1 seeks to establish the date and time of the 2019 general election for two of the council seats for The City of Clarkesville, provide qualifying fees, and open and closing for the qualifying period for said positions.  This resolution is expected to get passed.

The second resolution, 2019-2, would allow The City of Clarkesville to seek a special election for a referendum with the purpose of submitting the question of whether or not the City of Clarkesville shall be authorized to permit and regulate the Sunday alcohol sales by the drink from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm.  This past November, the “brunch bill” was passed allowing for local control over Sunday alcohol sales by the drink, and Clarkesville is the first municipality in Habersham County to act on the issue. This too is expected to pass giving the citizens of Clarkesville the ability to vote on the issue this calendar year.