Chris Erwin Wins House District 28 Redo By 2 Votes

CLARKESVILLE - Habersham County Commissioner Stacy Hall broke the news today that Chris Erwin has won the House District 28 seat by just [two] votes.  After election night, the race was too close to call as Erwin led by 3, with many outstanding and provisional ballots yet to be counted.  Today, after all votes had been tallied up, Gasaway gained ground, but came up just two short.  Gasaway, who filed a lawsuit in May alleging that at least 67 votes — the margin of his defeat in the Republican primary — were cast on ballots that listed state House districts that didn’t match the districts where they live.  The result was the Dec 4th special election 'redo'.  With a margin well under 1%, a recount is allowed should Gasaway ask for one.  There were reports from more than one person in the 28th District that the voting process did not go smoothly, one of which claimed to have just walked away without voting, and another who claimed that after persistence, her vote was allowed. 

It should be noted that election results are not official until certified by the Secretary of State’s Office. 

Commissioner Hall's post below:

CORRECTION: a previous version of this story had Erwin winning by one vote, and while Commissioner Hall's post claims that, it has been confirmed that it is by two votes, 3521 to 3519