Candidates react to Erwin win

CLARKESVILLE - Chris Erwin defeated Dan Gasaway in the House District 28 special election last night by a final vote count of 4,586 to Gasaway's 1,490.  In his first public comment, Erwin expressed gratitude and honor from the support he got.  "I am so proud that our team has won three elections in less than 12 months’ time," he starts.  "With a margin of over 3,000 votes, tonight's results cannot be questioned or disputed. I am so honored by the amount of overwhelming support our campaign has received. Now is the time for our community to move forward together and unite around the things that are important to our future. God bless."

Gasaway, in an interview with WNEG, was appreciative of the support that he received, but did say that it is time for him to move on.  “Well, I’ve never faced and I’ve never seen a campaign as nasty as the one waged against me. And it’s taken a lot out of me and it’s taken a lot out of my family. Right now, I just want to put this behind me. I feel like I’ve served the people with honesty and dignity the past six years and I can live with that and go to the next chapter in my life,” Gasaway said before referring to the position as a, "thankless job."