Benny Pate Running For District 1 County Commission Seat

Habersham Co. - When the spot of District 1 County Commissioner became available, members of the community flocked to Benny Pate to plant the seed that he should run. With qualifying coming up, that’s exactly what he is intending on doing.

“I was asked to,” Pate says when asked why he decided to run for the seat. “Then I was encouraged to by family and friends.” 

When asked about what he believes he would bring to the table, Pate says “I’ve been told by a lot of people I worked with (is) that I’m fair, I’m honest, I’m transparent.”

“I don’t keep secrets from anybody, I have no hidden agenda,” Pate continues. 

“I’m not trying to take over any part of the process, I’m just wanting to be a part of it,” Pate says. “I don’t want to change anything, but I would like to help everything.”

When it comes to the issues in Habersham County, Pate would like to get his hands involved with the jail and hospital. 

Pate admittedly says he doesn’t know much about the two issues and goes on to say, “I would have to get in there and learn what’s going on.”

“I would also like to see better collaboration between the cities and the county because the cities are the engines of the county and I think there could be a little more working together.” 

After high school, Pate entered the military and remained in service for 22 years. “Every time I started to get out, it was a reason I couldn’t get out,” Pate says. “Next thing you knew, I’ve been in there long enough to retire and I got out.”

After retiring from the military, Pate started another career with Georgia Power where he worked for 15 more years. “I stayed there long enough until they paid me a little money to leave and I retired from there,” Pate jokingly says. 

“I retired when I was 60 and had enough energy to want to do more and get involved with the community,” Pate says. Pate was selected to join the airport authority; he still holds a seat 6 years later. 

Along with the airport authority, Pate was asked to join the planning department. Pate also remains involved with Citizens of Georgia Power, charity golf tournaments, plus other community affairs. 
Pate says he’s trying to “help wherever I can help.”

If elected Pate says, “I will be approachable and if anybody would like to contact me, they can, and I encourage them to.” Pate ends by saying, “My hopes for the future is that I can help the county out and leave it in a better position than what I found it in.” 

Photo provided by Facebook