Baldwin Police Chief resigns; “Never in my life have I chosen myself and my family over my career and it’s time for me to do that.”

Baldwin - Following their return from executive session Monday night, the Baldwin City Council announced some news from their Police Chief, Charlie Webb.

"During executive session, we have come to one realization and I'm going to have Chief Webb come forward and present his bad news," said Mayor Joe Elam.

“I've done a lot of soul searching over the last month or so," Webb said as he took the podium to address the council. "I've got a lot of stuff going on personally at home. I just found out my wife has cancer and some other stuff. The stress of this job has hurt me. Basically, for myself, it’s time to go – for myself and my family.”

Webb continued saying, “Never in my life have I chosen myself and my family over my career and it’s time for me to do that.”

Webb went on to thank the council members and mayor. Webb went on to talk about his department saying, “It’s going to be really hard to leave this crew. Ya’ll have an amazing police department right now.”

During his farewells, Councilwoman Alice Venter became visibly emotional. Venter thanked Webb for all he has done over the years. “In the past, we have not had a good reputation and I really appreciate what you have done to improve that and to build the department that you have,” Venter told Webb.

Councilman Theron Ayers seconded Venter’s statement, telling Webb “I appreciate what you’ve done. You built a good department.”

Councilwoman Stephanie Almagno told Webb her prayers are with him, saying “Hold your family close. It’s a hard decision. We are going to miss you very much, but you made the right decision.”

Mayor Joe Elam tells WCHM that the resignation was reluctantly accepted after Webb had a discussion with him regarding the situation prior to the meeting. 

“We will miss him because he has provided leadership in that department that has really created a great department and team over there.” Elam told WCHM. 

After Webb’s resignation, Elam went on to introduce Matthew Nall as the interim police chief. Nall will shadow Webb and take over on May 1. Webb’s last day will be Thursday, April 30.

“I really appreciate this opportunity,” Nall told the council. “I know I couldn’t do it without the incredible team we’ve got. I’m going to do the best I can to honor everything he (Webb) has done.”

Webb’s resignation comes days after his second-in-command Captain Isreal Segers resignation whose last day was Friday, April 17.