Area Officials Begin Talks on Adding Water Supply Access to and Around Habersham Medical Center


Clarkesville officials have entered discussions with those from Demorest about adding a water supply line that could be used in case of water loss in the area of the hospital.

0:16 {DICKERSON: It’s a very initial talk about the possibility of extending Clarkesville tie-in to the Demorest line down near the hospital. The idea behind it is that if they ever lose water pressure or if they have an issue, then they can turn on our interconnect.”}

That’s Clarkesville City Manager Keith Dickerson after Monday night’s meeting, saying the interconnection would be especially important for the dialysis clinic to keep that vital facility online in the event of a prolonged water outage.

State rep Victor Anderson’s first piece of legislation in January was a bill to protect local governments from having to reveal too much about IT security to cyber terrorists. News director Rob Moore is following it as it reaches the governor’s pen.


0:33 {The City of Cornelia, affected by a ransomware attack over Christmas, is applauding Representative Victor Anderson’s cybersecurity bill that was signed into law Thursday.

No one felt the impact of that attack more than Cornelia I.T. Director Jeremy Dundore. He was left to clean up the mess created.

Dundore says Anderson’s House Bill 134 that allows governments to discuss cybersecurity measures behind closed doors. That protects valuable information from potential hackers.

DUNDORE: “It’s going to be great for governments to be able to not have to disclose what kind of security measures are in place for this type of ransomware. You don’t want the threat-actors to know what you’re doing to prevent this kind of thing, so it’s going to be good legislation.”}

Governor Brian Kemp chose Cornelia as the backdrop for signing that bill and more than a half-dozen others on Thursday.

And, a Toccoa motorcyclist was seriously injured and another Toccoa man was charged in that wreck about 4 p.m. Friday on Big A Road at U.S. 123 in Toccoa.

Multiple witnesses told the investigating troopers that 59-year-old John William McKibben was traveling south on Big A Road in his 2006 Nissan Pathfinder, ran a red light and struck a motorcycle.

Sergeant First Class O’Neal Saddler of Georgia State Patrol Post 7 in Toccoa said the 2020 Honda VT1300 was attempting to turn left onto Big A Road from U.S. 123 when it was struck by the SUV.

The impact caused the bike and its rider, 55-year-old Donald James Johnston, to travel 78 feet airborne to the final rest, Saddler said. Johnston was seriously injured and airlifted to Northeast Georgia Medical Center, where his condition is unknown.

McKibben is charged with driving under the influence, serious injury by vehicle, and a red light violation, Saddler said.