About Face Decision by Habersham County Commission on Recent Cell Phone Tower Proposal

That’s Commission chairman Dustin Mealor explaining the sudden reversal of last month’s rejection of of a cell tower development off 197 in Clarkesville. The commission had denied Verizon’s plan to build a tower, 4-1 in February after hearing a group of citizen complaints. A month later, Mealor says the commission was informed it had no right to do that and would face a legal challenge that was considered an uphill battle. Next month, the commission is expected to approve the construction of the tower.

Clarkesville police chief Brad Barrett acknowledges to WCHM news that a Clarkesville jogger was technically on private property when he was confronted by another Clarkesville man Sunday morning in an incident that led to gunfire. Barrett was quick to add, though, that a call to law enforcement to mediate the matter would have been a better idea. Meanwhile, former Clarkesville Mayor candidate Robert Kilgore is free on a property bond after being charged with a number of items including aggravated assault. Barrett’s press release says The incident stemmed from a disagreement between Kilgore and the jogger James Walker after Walker allegedly entered into private property before exiting for the Clarkesville Greenway Trail area. That’s when further words were exchanged and Kilgore allegedly fired a round into the ground at an angle away from Walker. 

Cornelia Fire Department investigator Josh Hazle says there was never a danger to the public or anyone outside the plant at yesterday’s chemical scare at the Ethicon Plant. Three emergency teams responded to a hydrogen alarm activation around noon Monday. Within an hour the hydrogen levels were back to normal. A press release says Hydrogen is not used in the plant but is a byproduct of some of the chemical processes that take place.