A Vote For Randy Miller Is A Vote For Working Men and Women; Miller Joins District 5 County Commission Race

Habersham Co. - The list of people running for a Habersham County Commissioner seat is starting to get longer the closer qualify gets. Randy Miller, of Clarkesville, announced this week he will be running for the District 5 seat.

In his Facebook announcement, Miller writes “Make your Vote Count VOTE MILLER.” Miller says “a vote for me is a vote for the working men and women.”

Miller goes on to talk about his history in Habersham County, saying he was “born and raised” here. During the years Miller has worked with the City of Clarkesville’s fire department, Habersham County’s fire department and has worked as a full-time firefighter with the City of Cornelia. 

According to his post, Miller ultimately became a state and nationally certified arson investigator. He goes on to say he has “helped start-up and be a part of the City of Cornelia(‘s) first Arson Task Force.”

With around 15 years of fire service under his belt, Miller wants it known that he “ will continue to be there for the citizens of Habersham County.”

Not only does Miller have a hefty list of service work, but he’s also a business owner. “I have owned several businesses in Habersham County and now continue to own and operate 115 towing and service center in Habersham County for the past nine years,” Miller says.

“I have always been a hard-working businessman just making it day by day, but I do love our county in which I was born and raised,” Miller says. 

Miller continues, saying “I would always keep the citizens of Habersham County the number one priority in each and every decision I made if elected.”

Miller ends by saying “I will stay true to myself and run a clean campaign. I will in no way take part of any bashing of any other person who may be running.”

As of Friday, Miller marks the 3rd candidate for the seat, along with Commissioner Tim Stamey and Locke Arnold.

Qualifying begins this Monday, March 2, and will continue through March 6.

Photo provided by Randy Miller Facebook