A second fire to hit Sunburst Stables this year calls for an investigation

At approximately 12:40 Tuesday morning, just after midnight, Habersham County E911 received a call reporting a structure fire at 251 Sunburst Lane in Batesville.

Emergency services personnel arrived to find a cabin “heavily involved in fire,” according to Habersham County Emergency Services Director Chad Black. 

Black claimed it took a while to get the fire under control due to “where it was located and no access to hydrants.”

Habersham County Emergency Services Engines 13 and 16, Tanker 17, Battalion 1, and Captain 1, Lee Arrendale State Prison Fire Department initially responded to the call. White County was requested for assistance.

There were 2 occupants renting the cabin and had “fallen asleep on the sofa and was awaken by a noise,” according to Black.

At that time, the occupants noticed the fire at the top of the fireplace. Black says this could potentially be the cause of the fire but it is still under investigation.

The structure was beyond salvaging Black tells WCHM. “Roof falling in on completely one side and about to fall on the other. It’s going to have to be bulldozed down,” Black tells WCHM. 

This marks the second fire at Sunburst Stables this year. “Both us and the property owner requested State Fire Marshall to come investigate,” Black said. 

There were no injuries.

A barn next door to the cabin burned on March 16, which resulted in the deaths of some birds and ducks.