5.4% growth rate estimated for Habersham County

Suitland, MD - One year before the 2020 Census, the United States Census Bureau has released their annual estimates of population size for each county in the United States.  Habersham county ranked 44th in the state of Georgia with a population size of 45,388, in between Baldwin (44,823) and Colquitt (45,592).  The number represents a growth of 2,347 since the 2010 census, a 5.5% increase from the 43,041 that was reported.

All of the surrounding counties have seen growth over this time period as well.  Hall County crossed the 200,000 mark for the first time in county history with 202,148, a 12.5% increase since 2010.  White County is currently estimated at 29,970, a 10.4% increase since 2010.  Rabun County is estimated at 16,867, a 3.6% increase from 2010, but also having some years of negative growth in the past nine years.  And Jackson County continues to bloom, as it is currently estimated that 9,937 have moved into the county in the past 9 years with an estimated 70,422 residents in 2018, a 16.4% increase in that time frame.

The fastest growing Georgia county in that time frame  is Forsyth County with an estimated 34.8% growth estimate from 2010 (175,511) to 2018 (236,612).