Trauma Informed Yoga

 Hosted by Family Resource Center of Northeast Georgia

Located at 191 Jefferson St, Clarkesville, GA 30523-5615, United States

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What to Expect:

It's not secret that yoga does wonders for the body and can calm the mind. 

The objective of trauma-informed yoga is to help participants increase their body awareness-notice what is happening inside their bodies-and thereby learn to release tension, reduce fear and arousal, develop a greater capacity to cope, and ultimately create a greater sense of wholeness, wellness and connection to mind-body-spirit.

Who can come?

Any adult woman survivor of one or more Adverse Childhood Experiences.

How Much Does It Cost:

There is not cost to attend, but advance registration and enrollment is required. Come in comfortable clothes, we have everything else you will need!

Class is taught by Victoria Nolen, licensed counselor, certified yoga instructor and trauma-informed psychotherapist.